Sunday, 6 September 2015

Regarding the allegations against Dr Alec Wortley.

This case was brought before the courts in 2004. The case was a result of my naivety in taking at face value and believing two young ladies who repeatedly asked me to take them out. The girls assured me that they had obtained their parent's permission for this. At no time did I ever ask them to go out with me. The police found no intimidating photographs or videos on my computers, and at no time did I ever have any satyric or impure intentions towards either of the girls, and no improper conversation ever took place

I knew and was friendly with the parents of both girls. One of the girls suffered from, and tragically later, died from cancer while still a schoolgirl. The other girl and her family have been my friends since well before the case and I still see Daisy and her parents from time to time for a chat while out shopping.  I was invited to, and attended, Daisy's elder sister's wedding in 2014 and met Daisy and her family and friends on that happy occasion.

It seems to me to be a sad reflection on modern day life that any communication, interaction or conversation between an adult and a child, no matter how innocuous,  is now seen by a large portion of society as having no other purpose apart from grooming.

The below e-mail from Daisy (which is reproduced exactly as it was written) will, I hope, serve to allay any fears people may have as a result of reading the factually incorrect, misleading, and malicious report in the press.

"Regrading the allegations against mr Alexander wortley. I was one of the parties involved in this case and can honestly say that alec has always been a gentleman and has never done anything wrong. On 1 occasion I asked alec if he could take me and my friend to play pool at a family pub. He kindly agreed to this. Me and my friend played pool and had a really good laugh while alec sat drinking pop and keeping an eye ou on us. Alec never tried to chat us up or give us money or presents. He liked to help people especially those in the community. On a number of occasions I have seen alec since. 1 being in 2012 after he had a knee operation. I engaged in conversation with him about his knee and how he was. He was at my sisters wedding last july and we spoke and laughed together with the family. Alec, me and my sister have always got on really well. It is a shame that this happened to him."